I have this problem where I think I can “DIY” things. I usually say it’s to save money, but sometimes I think I just get a sick thrill watching myself fail miserably. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff: laundry detergent, decorations, presents. I will admit that I occasionally have a win, but they are few and far between (Johanna is no-contest the best DIYer of us two, which is both irritating and admirable. She is seriously so good at everything).

One of my successes was DIY toothpaste. It’s actually relatively easy to find cruelty-free toothpaste options nowadays, but even a few years back, it wasn’t quite so easy. And those options are, unfortunately, a little more costly than the “usual” brands. So, being who I am, I decided to figure out if there was a way to make my own for less. To the internet!

After a surprisingly short Google search, I found a site called “Trash is for Tossers“. It’s a blog written by a girl named Lauren who lives a Zero Waste lifestyle (seriously, you have to check it out… What she’s doing is fascinating and totally doable). One of her posts has a video talking about her DIY Zero Waste toothpaste and how to make it. It’s so easy even I can do it! All you need is coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil (or other toothpaste-y oil of your choice). I made it in minutes and I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I went and brushed my teeth right away.


So, I’ll be honest, the taste is something you have to get used to. The first few times you use it, you’ll probably only be able to focus on how salty the mixture is. It’s not unbearable, but it’s way different from what you’re used to tasting with conventional toothpaste. Eventually, though, you stop noticing it so much and then you get to actually enjoy how clean your teeth feel! I used it for about 4 months before I went in for my regular semiannual dentist appointment, and he said my teeth and gums looked great! So it works as least as well as conventional toothpaste, but for less, and it can help cut down on all the boxes and tubes that are used with “regular” toothpaste.

If you’re more the type who’d just like to buy their toothpaste pre-made (boring!), I’ve tried a few brands and I really like Kiss My Face. I’m particularly partial to the Triple Action paste (vs the gel style, which I personally don’t like as much), but all of their formulas have worked well for me. Kiss My Face also makes lotions and shampoos and lip balms and a bunch of other stuff, and I’ll try to review some of those as I try them. But, so far, I really enjoy their products!

Would you try making your own toothpaste? If so, do it and tell me how you like it! It’s kind of fun, and you can pretend you’re like an old-timey pioneer who churns their own (vegan) butter and sews their own clothing and… Yeah. Sorry. I got carried away. Anyways, thanks for reading, and make sure you let us know what else you’d like us to talk about/review/try/etc! We’d love to hear from you!


***We are not sponsored/endorsed in any way by Kiss My Face (but love their toothpaste!) or any of the other companies/people/entities mentioned. We’re just 2 chicks trying things and then letting the world know what we think because we’re opinionated like that.***


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